TOBET4ENGAGED: Theology of the Body Marriage Preparation

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TOBET4ENGAGED—Theology of the Body Marriage Preparation

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Check out our Theology of the Body Marriage Preparation Book!

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Are You a Marriage and Family Life
Director, Priest, or Deacon?
For a free sample book:

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The TOBET couples who lead the daylong Pre-Cana really know how to reach the average engaged couple. The TOBET4ENGAGED book, power point, and accompanying facilitator’s guide set a firm foundation in understanding the truth of marriage, so needed nowadays. I highly recommend this program.”

Chris Vaughan, Director of Marriage and Family Life, Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth, TX


Marriage Preparation books come
with a complimentary journal containing
corresponding discussion questions!
(Coming soon in Spanish!)

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Discounted Price
for 2 books!

(Normally $19.99
per book)

Theology of the Body Marriage Preparation

80 pages of Theology of the Body practical wisdom on marriage

Illustrations make concepts simple and accessible

Discussion questions help couples start dialogue

Available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese

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Rights to distribute these resources to your facilitators/volunteers (only for Parish or Diocese)

Facilitator Guide (in English & Spanish)

Video for Engaged Couples

9 Videos for Facilitators: A Deeper Look at TOB

Slideshow Presentation (in English & Spanish)

Slideshow Presentation Video Version

Facilitator’s Guide Schedules: 1 Day  •  2 Day  •  3 Day  •  Catechumenate

Facilitator Guide Video Version Schedules: 1 Day  •  2 Day  •  3 Day  •  Catechumenate

& Much, Much More!

For a full list, click here!

Interested? Contact us!

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TOBET will guide your marriage preparation program:

Consultation regarding optimal program format to meet the needs of your parish or diocese

Formation for leaders, sponsor couples, and volunteers

Program modeled live by a trained TOBET presenter

Tailored to the needs of your diocese/parish

Books and travel costs are additional

Check out a brochure!

For more information, contact Monica Ashour