TOBET Seminar Topics

Below are topics typically covered by TOBET speakers, either one-time presentations or multiple series or during a TOB Week. Have your own ideas about a topic? Contact us today!

For Anyone

General TOB fundamentals—The “Language of the Body”, Holiness and “Gift of Self”, tailored to any age range or audience. Great introduction for a series or TOB week.

TOB Talks for Children

Presentations for children are fun, interactive and engaging!

  • The Body Has Meaning: Setting A TOB Basis for Lifelong Love
  • The Body of Christ: The Body Is Integral To Christianity
  • My Body as a Teacher: Learning to listen to the body, and whether, how and when to respond

Most TOB talks for children explore foundational concepts without directly addressing sexuality. Example: in My Body as a Teacher, speaker would use examples like:

“How do you know you are hungry? Your body tells you! How do you know you’re sleepy? Your body!”

Middle School Topics

Culture of Social Media—C.S. Lewis says that we enslave a generation when we give advanced technology to the young without guidelines and limits regarding its use. This talk guides and challenges young people to consider the body as a guide for face-to-face encounters.

Confirmation—What’s the point? Is it real that it changes us? Who is the Holy Spirit? What does the Theology of the Body say about life in the Spirit? Sacrament prep classes (8th grade-high school) preparing for Confirmation will be engaged and excited about receiving this Sacrament.

Cliques and Gossip—The two vices bring division and sadness. Kids will discover the union and joy that are present when principles of TOB are applied to friendships.

Catholic All Your Life!—Why the middle schooler should stay Catholic—a free and fun adventure! This talk covers general catechesis.

Chastity: A Path for True Love

High school topics

Chastity—Why this virtue is under attack and how it protects true love and brings deep joy.

Masculinity and Femininity—Our bodies are like the best teachers, helping us understand life so that we can love. Find out what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman, taught to you by none other than your own body!

Dating—When is it right? What is it for? How far is too far? This talk challenges teens not only regarding sexual chastity but also emotional modesty.

Social Media, Bullying, and the Incarnation—A person-to-person encounter in the flesh is what all humans desire, but technology is beginning to usurp such a face-to-face experience. This talk presents guidelines as well as addressing bullying.

The Mass—Answering common question about Mass: Why do I have to go to something so boring? What difference does it mean in my life? Can’t I skip Sunday every now and then? Why can’t Catholics have exciting praise and worship instead of Mass? Do we really eat Jesus’ flesh?

Vocations for Love—A look at marriage and celibacy for the Kingdom (priesthood and consecrated life) as complementary, meaningful commitments which afford love, and the process of discernment of one’s vocation. Includes funny and compelling stories from priests and religious which show the joy of consecrated life and priesthood, as well as the wonders of marriage.

Why do Catholics do that?—General catechesis from a TOB perspective. The inviting youth minister or teacher can decide on which topics ought to be covered.

Controversial Issues—Monica Ashour, expert national speaker and former teacher, presents the truth of the human person, made in God’s image and likeness, followed by the logical consequences regarding tough contemporary issues surrounding today’s society.

Potential topics can include:

  • Gender Identity
  • Euthanasia and assisted suicide
  • Homosexuality
  • Sterilization
  • Abortion
  • In-vitro fertilization
  • Contraception
  • Cohabitation
  • All-male priesthood, Purgatory, confession and other Catholic teachings

This talk topic requires plenty of time and an openness to and receptivity to the truth of the Body, backed by the Church’s teachings. We recommend that it be part 2 or 3 of several sessions of explaining TOB. When presented to teens, parent permission is required. Click here for a sample permission form.

Adult Topics

What is the Theology of The Body and Why Should I Care?

Marriage, Sex, and God’s Design

Renewing and Improving Your Marriage

Teaching TOB to Tots, Tweens and Teens

The Violation of the Feminine and TOB’s Response

True Christian Humanism: TOB’s Balance

The Catholic Faith from a TOB Perspective

TOB and Prayer Life—St. John of the Cross influenced St. John Paul in a profound way. This talk relates John of the Cross’ mysticism with John Paul’s TOB. This challenging spirituality is then brought down to an accessible level for growth in one’s prayer life.

TOB and the “Catholic AND’s”—The breathtaking perspective of TOB forms a holistic mosaic of the Catholic faith. So often, we think that God only has the power, but God wants our cooperation, and all of us, Body AND Soul, Reason AND Faith. This talk elaborates and changes lives by its sheer, immense vision. For more mature teens and adults.