TOB Retreat/Day of Reflection for Seminarians

TOB Retreat/Day of Reflection for Seminarians

“As a young seminarian and a member of TOBET, studying the theology of the body was extremely formative in my ongoing desire to be a priest and in being prepared to respond to my parishioners now as a pastor. I highly recommend TOBET helping to form seminarians.”

–Fr. Jason Cargo, Parochial Vicar of Immaculate Conception Parish, Corsicana, Texas


Talks for Seminarians’ Spiritual Growth

  • The Mass and your Role as in Persona Christi: This talk helps young men reflect on the magnificent gift of their masculinity as an icon of the utter love of Christ.
  • Celibacy and Sexuality: A Winning, Holy Combination—Examining the third chapter of Part One of the Theology of the Body regarding “celibacy for the kingdom,” with its integral role in our Church and in the life of a priest, how celibacy and marriage are complementary “mirrors” of each other, and how the priest is to live out the “spousal meaning of the body” in his vocation.
  • The Receptive Posture of the Human Heart before God: With the Blessed Mother as the model of prayer, this talk speaks to the necessity of the priest being first receptive to God’s truth and grace before representing sourceness to the Church.
  • Longing for the Eschaton: Pope John Paul’s reflection on heaven as divinization and perfect inter-subjectivity brings to the foreground the basis for our hope. This powerful talk transforms people’s ways of thinking about heaven and the communion of saints and highlights the perichoresis.
  • Holiness: Pure Heart and Bodily Actions Corresponding—Pope John Paul gave a very simple definition to holiness that can be mined for one’s spiritual growth. This talk focuses on that and what solitude is, giving a checklist to the seminarians to help assess their own spiritual growth.
  • Holy Saturday: In his reflection on the Shroud of Turin, Pope Benedict addressed the abandonment of the Son by the Father and its relationship to Holy Saturday. This talk will go to great depth in the Trinitarian theology (immanent and economic) of Fr. Hans Urs von Balthasar, and tie such proposals into the Dark Night of the Soul according the St. John of the Cross and Mother Teresa’s experience of Jesus, “the Absent One.”


To book theology of the body expert, Monica Ashour, click here.

For a rector or Vicar General, or other seminarian formator who would like to converse with Monica Ashour, please call 972-849-6543.