TOB Retreat/Day of Reflection for Consecrated Women

Various Retreat Topics

  • Renewing, Reflecting, and Reminding: TOB as a Guide to One’s “Alliance” with the Holy Spirit
  • Celibacy for The Kingdom: How One’s Own Life of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience Makes a Palpable Difference in against Greed, Lust, and Power
  • A Reflection on Competitive Causality in My Life: Do I Take Seriously the Fact that I Am an “Extension of the Incarnation”?
  • The Liturgy as a Cosmic Reality: How to Understand the Mass and the Sacraments through a TOB Lens
  • “I Am Yours and You Are Mine”: A TOB Reflection on Deeper Intimacy with Christ and His Church
  • An Introduction to the Theology of the Body and Its Application to Community Life


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