A Pre-K through 8th grade TOB Curriculum
For Families, Faith Formation, or Catholic Schools

About the Program

The Body Matters, based on St. John Paul’s life-affirming Theology of the Body, is a teaching tool intended to assist primary educators (parents) in forming their children, and to be inserted into already-existing curricula at Catholic schools and parish faith formation programs.

While not addressing controversial issues directly, The Body Matters Curriculum, infused with St. John Paul’s theology, will restore the dignity of the human person and form families and their children in the truths of the Catholic faith, precisely through a deeper understanding of the human BODY.

In November 2015, TOBET’s Episcopal Advisory Board, led by Archbishop Samuel Aquila, confirmed this decision to create an original, inspiring, age-appropriate TOB curriculum, to form children in the faith and combat the destructive messages they absorb from the culture.

TOBET is well-equipped to respond to this call. With over 20 years teaching and catechetical experience, Monica Ashour, M.T.S., M Hum. has built a team of experts in childhood development, children’s literature, graphic design, and curriculum expertise, working toward the accomplishment of this major endeavor.

Several local schools and parishes have agreed to pilot this groundbreaking curriculum, helping us to expand its effectiveness and reach. One principal saw right away that students can be taught things like putting away cell phones at the dinner table, why bullying is wrong, and how to behave at Mass, all from a “TOB” angle. It’s life-affirming.

Special pricing for book sets and educator guides available for schools and faith formation programs. Please call TOBET Press at 972-395-5593, or toll free at 888-855-4791.

Lessons, Stories and Activities to incorporate Theology of the Body at every level of formation and catechesis

From Pre-K through 8th, each grade level of the curriculum will include:

  • 2 Classroom Books—multiple lessons per book
  • Activity Books
  • Original Storybooks—enjoyable books which convey content through fictional stories!
  • Educator Guides—for parents, educators and catechists


Projected Completion: Spring 2019

Check out the books we’ve completed so far

Applause for The Body Matters

“The 5th Grade had the first part of Lesson 1 The Sacraments [yesterday]. It corresponded perfectly with the curriculum and their Religion book. It gave them the depth and the TOB vision for a proper and complete understanding [of the Body]! They loved the books!”
-Teacher from pilot school in Texas, using The Body as Sacrament

“Thank you so much for writing those books… . They are very, very good and well written. The children really love them too. My son who is in first grade is beginning to read so we read them together with the younger children. And it’s so easy to give our personal examples as we are reading through the pages… . My wife and I have been recommending these books to everyone we see.”
-Dad from New Jersey

“Can I just say what a wonderful job you and the team have done with the TOBET resources! I purchased your powerpoints and 7 books for young kids [TOB for Tots, TOB for Kids, and the Body as a Sacrament]. The powerpoint is great and the books are just brilliant!
It has really helped me in my work with schools..to incorporate TOB…and build an understanding with students of a Christian Anthropology. I look forward to the rest of the TOBET resources!”
-Daryl Castellino, Sydney, Australia


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You can form even your littlest ones! Pre-school aged children love our TOB for Tots series, a great intro to The Body Matters. 

“And this theology of the body is the basis of… the most appropriate method of… man’s education….”  TOB 59:3