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The Body Matters for Parents and Home Schools

Lessons and Stories to incorporate Theology of the Body at every level of formation and catechesis

The program includes:

  • 2 non-consumable Lesson Books per level—Each books contains 48 pages, 4 lessons per book ~12 pages each (with the exception of Level K, which has two lessons of ~24 pages each)
  • Original Storybooks (K – 2nd)—enjoyable books which convey content through fictional stories! Sold as a set or individually.
  • Educator Guides (all levels)— An instructional PDF that contain activities for various learning styles. Assessments are included.
  • Parent Guides (all levels) – A downloadable PDF that guides parents to learn and engage with their children as they study Theology of the Body.
  • Educator Friendly — No previous Theology of the Body knowledge is needed to use any of these components.
  • Written to be vertically aligned— Books are written so as to build upon past lessons. However, key concepts are reviewed so that students will not be greatly disadvantaged by missing previous books in the series.

What’s the difference?

Parents often ask whether they should purchase an Educator Guide or a Parent Guide.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

 Educator Guide

Educator Guides were made with the classroom in mind. The information is much more robust and detailed.
Each Guide includes:
  • Vocabulary, Objectives, and preperation laid out for the educator before each lesson
  • Page-by-page suggestion for instruction and explanation of what the book intends to teach
  • Classroom based activites, Reviews, and Quizes for the end of each lesson
  • Multiple week-by-week instructional plans

Parent Guide

Parent Guides were made to enhance converstaion between Parents and their children.
Each Lesson includes:
  • A description of the goal that the lesson aims to comunicate with the child
  • A suggested personal story that the parents can tell their children
  • Encouraged discussion topics to have with your child that relates to the lesson
  • A family based activity

Our recomendation:

  • Home schooling parents who want to add TOB to their child’s religion class would probably benefit from the educator guide.

  • Parents who want to introduce TOB in a more casual and open disscusion way would proably enjoy the parent guide more.

Take a Look at Select Pages from Our Books:

Why should I trust TOBET?

TOBET is well equipped to deliver John Paul II’s message thanks to our wide ranging talents. Our president Monica Ashour (M.T.S., M Hum.) has over 20 years of teaching and catechetical experience. Further, TOBET has built a team of experts in childhood development, children’s literature, graphic design, and curriculum expertise. Each book in our The Body Matters curriculum has received the Imprimatur from the head of our Episcopal advisory board, Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver, who confirmed our decision to create an original, inspiring, age-appropriate TOB program to form children in the faith and combat the destructive messages they absorb from the culture. But don’t just take us at our word!

Find out more about what organizations have approved The Body Matters, and see how it has already formed the minds and hearts of other children, their parents, and their teachers.

Help us get our books to more kids

Often, Schools or families with less funding ask for assistance with purchasing our books. TOBET is happy to now offer a specific donation field which will fund buying books for those in need.

Is this Sex Ed?

Despite common misconceptions about TOB, The Body Matters is not a “birds-and-bees” centered program, nor does it directly address controversial issues such as gay marriage and transgenderism. In a culture where the body is considered “an enemy to freedom,” The Body Matters resource unfolds for children the proper understanding of the dignity of the human person from a fresh perspective, giving them the Church’s way of seeing the human person, which is that “Man appears in the visible world as the highest expression of the divine gift” (TOB 19.3). By being immersed in understanding themselves as made in God’s image and likeness, children will be able to understand controversial issues more deeply when they encounter them, recognizing the total vision of the human person who is made for true and lasting love. See our The Body Matters curriculum overview for the theme of each level and book. Also, see our resources for how to deal with sensitive topics.

Some parishes encourage using The Body Matters as family catechesis, so adults and children alike come to see the truths of the Catholic faith, precisely through a deeper understanding of the human BODY. From one educator:

“Occasionally throughout the year I sent the books home with an assignment to read and discuss part of a chapter with their parents. It provided a way to evangelize and to partner with the parents. One parent sent me a beautiful thank you note for giving her and her husband a better understanding of TOB and a way of speaking and acting the truth of the body at home. It made a difference!”

One principal saw right away that students can be taught things like putting away cell phones at the dinner table, why bullying is wrong, and how to behave at Mass, all from a “TOB” angle. It’s life-affirming and a way of evangelizing—loving Jesus is the goal.

“…helped me in my work with own children…”

“[The Body Matters] books are just brilliant! They have really helped me in my work with my own children and schools…to incorporate TOB… and build an understanding with students of a Chrsitian Antrhopology.”

Daryl Castenilla

Dad and Teacher, Australia

“…age appropriate TOB curriculum for kids…”

“Thank you for developing a positive, age appropriate TOB curriculum for kids in a culture that devalues our beautiful church teaching. … We have to share the truth about our bodies especially in the midst of our current church crisis with the clergy sex abuse scandal. I was so happy to learn it was seven U.S. Catholic Bishops that asked TOBET to develop a TOB curriculum for kids! We need strong leaders to help us battle the culture, and battle this sickness happening within our church. The crisis is exactly what prompted me to research curriculum that would help educate my last and 5th child at home and my youngest Godchild. Thank you for helping me catechize those precious to me, it truly is a privilege.”

Mary Caldwell, Mother of 5

Tacoma, WA

“… I highly recommend TBM!”

“I am really impressed at the way The BODY Matters (TBM) reaches children–including my own–with insightful, repetitive, catchy language that captures their imagination while teaching them profound truths about themselves and God. I highly recommend TBM!”

Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D.

President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, and the John Paul II Teaching Fellow at the University of Dallas.

“…These books are needed in this culture…”

“Reviewing TOBET’s the Body Matter’s was an important work. These books are needed in this culture. I read them with my own children.”

Thomas Fuerte S.T.L.

Censor Librorum For The Body Matters