What people are saying after a pilot Seminar in Summer 2015:

“I learned more (pastorally and intellectually) from a one hour discussion at a TOBET Seminar than in a two-day ethics class.”

– Seminarian

“The sharing of concrete examples with dealing with youth was very helpful in my future plans for faith formation at our parish.”

– Deacon Jim Novak, Diocese of Fort Worth, TX

Speakers were excellent! The experts were an awesome addition to content/discussion, and the smaller environment and possibility of getting to know everyone added a lot to the overall experience. I learned to see and think through the eyes of the body, and not just any body, but my body and the Body of the Church, whose head is Christ. This is ultimately a vision of love!”

– Rebecca Olek, Teacher and Regnum Christi Consecrated Woman

“There is a diamond of hope amid the social rubble of the world. TOBET reveals the beauty of the body and how it should be loved and revered, not used. I loved the way SSA [same-sex attraction] and transgender issues were addressed. I liked the acceptance of the person, but steadfastness to the faith!”

– Mary Kay Izard, Layperson

“I feel I have a MUCH GREATER understanding of our faith.”

– Esther Kana, Layperson