TOBET has begun its outreach to college students through an explosive experience called theREVOLUTION. Already proven a success on many college campuses, theREVOLUTION sparks the fire of hope and healing for many young adults to bring students back to the life of the Church. TOBET is ready to launch this again once we procure enough funds. For information about this life-changing program and interest in donating, please call Monica Ashour at 972.849.6543


“TOBET did a really great job training all of our discussion group leaders and preparing us to put on Unveiling Reality. I think every university should have this program.”

— Erica Trabanino, Student Leader, SFASU

“A partnership with TOBET allows campus ministries to enhance students’ knowledge of the Theology of the Body. “

— Lindsay Wilcox, Campus Minister, UT Austin

“What an experience it was for me and all who attended the on-campus Unveiling Reality Night! I can’t believe how amazing it was! theREVOLUTION should be on every campus.”

–Marcos Nino, Texas State University

theREVOLUTION movement is a college outreach program which seeks to instill a sense of identity and purpose in the lives of young adults through the teachings of Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body (TOB). Through high-energy, impactful media presentations and peer-facilitated discussion groups, theREVOLUTION movement creates a community where students learn, live, and share the truth of who they are and who they are meant to be. theREVOLUTION movement proclaims the reality of our human dignity and gives students the tools to fight for authentic masculinity and femininity.
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Phase 1: Training For Student Leaders

• Theological Foundation Theology of the Body & General Catechesis

• Details on how to Plan & Promote Unveiling Reality

• Discussion Group Facilitation Skills (incl. How to Handle Tough Questions)

• Spiritual Nourishment


Phase 2: Unveiling Reality/Discussion Groups

• Plan, Promote, and Implement this Life-Changing Media Event

• Start an Introductory Discussion Group Series


Phase 3: Discussion Groups/Retreat

• Start an Intermediate Discussion Group Series

• Living Out TOB Retreat for All Students

• Continuing the Legacy

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