Theology of the Body’s Response to the Violation of the Feminine (mp3)


Monica Ashour’s talk for adults addresses and defends the virtue of femininity from a Theology of the Body perspective.

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TOB expert Monica Ashour’s presentation at the 1st annual Theology of the Body Congress in 2010. Ashour speaks about artificial birth control and its damaging effects on women. This talk is a Theology of the Body response to Dr. Louise Cowan, of the University of Dallas, and her discussion of the violation of the feminine.

This talk discusses:

  • How Catholicism knows and acknowledges the exchange of life and love, because of Christ’s sacrifice and God’s love in creating and saving us.
  • How femininity is a privilege of directly participating in divinity.
  • How Theology of the Body provides hope in understanding and appreciating feminine virtue.
  • The unveiling of femininity by today’s culture and how women suffer from this.
  • The role femininity plays in faithful, fruitful, free, and full love in marriage and life.
  • The complementary nature of femininity with masculinity;
  • And Mary, the Mother of God, and her role in femininity.


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