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The Body Matters Book Collection includes all of TOBET’s Lesson Books (soft-cover, non-consumable; Pre-K Lesson Books are board books) and Story Books (hard-cover, non-consumable).

Every Body is Smart (Level-P) book is currently out of stock – price reflects its exclusion – Want to know when it is back? Join our mailing list! 

The Body Matters Book Collection includes all of the program’s Lesson Books and Story Books. 

Titles in this Bundle Include:

The Body Matters

- Level K, Book 1: The Body and Life

-Level K, Book 2: The Body is Good

-Level 1, Book 1: The Body Teaches Many Lessons (Second Edition)

-Level 1, Book 2: The Body Tells a Story

-Level 2, Book 1: The Body is a Gift (Second Edition)

-Level 2, Book 2: The Body and Holy Mass (Second Edition)

-Level 3, Book 1: The Body is God’s Design (Second Edition)

-Level 3, Book 2: The Body and Reverence (Second Edition)

-Level 4, Book 1: The Body and Friendship (Second Edition)

-Level 4, Book 2: The Body and Heaven

-Level 5, Book 1: The Body as Sacrament (Second Edition)

-Level 5, Book 2: The Body Speaks a Language (Second Edition)

-Level 6, Book 1: EveryBODY Reveals God (Second Edition)

-Level 6, Book 2: The Body of Christ

-Level 7, Book 1: Our Bodies Made Male & Female (Second Edition)

-Level 7, Book 2: The Body and the Heart

-Level 8, Book 1: The Body and Purity

-Level 8, Book 2: Catholicism for EveryBODY (Second Edition)

Pre-K Lesson Books (board books)

-Everybody Has a Body

-Every Body Is Smart (currently out of stock - price reflects its exclusion - Want to know when it is back? Join our mailing list!)

-Every Body Is a Gift

Story Books

-Lizzy’s Greatest Gift (Level 2)

-Nick’s Night at the Zoo (Level 1)

-Happy and Whole (Level K)

Especially relevant today, as children are being inundated with false notions of the body, identity, and gender, The Body Matters program offers young people a message of hope and the light of truth by drawing upon the wisdom found in St. John Paul’s Theology of the Body. The Body Matters presents these teachings in an easy-to-understand and age-appropriate way.

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TOBET’s Pre-K Lesson Books (board books) are ideal for children ages 2 to 5, and the Story Books serve as literary complements to the The Body Matters Lesson Books. 

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The Theology of the Body is a positive, beautiful approach to the truth of the body and its meaning. In a culture where the body is considered “an enemy to freedom,” Saint John Paul’s Theology of the Body is necessary more than ever. The Body Matters lesson books series teaches the truths about the body in an accessible, age-appropriate way. It is a great resource for parents, Faith Formation programs and Catholic schools to help children see the sacredness of the body. Here you can find Saint John Paul’s teachings on the body rendered in language accessible to children, with beautiful illustrations, practical examples, and solid Catholic theology.

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  1. XiaoJiao Hall

    I’m glad you guys made me, a devout buyer of your products, aware of this. This stuff is what is needed. We live in a culture of destruction. We need to foster a culture of light and this is how. Kids are so close to God but often we go through life losing our innocence more and more. But God offers restoration in TOB, through the Church, through the creators of this curriculum. I read the books before giving them to my godchildren and every time I am changed. Especially in the kindergarten books! It makes me think about how we do really need to choose friends that are good and make us better. It reminds me that no one can deny being seen by another changes everything. I love the endorsement on the back cover from Norman McCorvey (Roe of Roe v Wade): “If I had been taught The BODY Matters when I was a child, this culture would be completely different.” Ah look at that. The cry for love which so easily sprouts when thinking about what we want for our children. We want their wholeness and their freedom, only found in the truth of who they are body and soul! Enrich yourself and enrich your children and spiritual children!

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