The Body Is Good (Lvl K Lesson Book 2)


This book helps the child understand the goodness of being human—body and spirit—made in the image of God.

  • Lesson Book
  • 48 Pages
  • 2 Lessons
  • Softcover
  • Non-consumable


This book allows children to contemplate the wonder of the human body. The body reveals the unique person. The order of creation is explored so that children appreciate the special role of humans. Some things, like praying and pretending, are unique to humans and make us different from all other animals. Children will understand God’s love for His creation and the special dignity of being human.


The Theology of the Body is a positive, beautiful approach to the truth of the body and its meaning. In a culture where the body is considered “an enemy to freedom,” Saint John Paul’s Theology of the Body is necessary more than ever. The Body Matters lesson books series teaches the truths about the body in an accessible, age-appropriate way. It is a great resource for parents, Faith Formation programs and Catholic schools to help children see the sacredness of the body. Here you can find Saint John Paul’s teachings on the body rendered in language accessible to children, with beautiful illustrations, practical examples and solid Catholic theology.

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