Level 6 Parent Guide


Level 6 Parent Guide aligns with The Body Matters Level 6 Books 1 & 2: EveryBODY Reveals God & The Body of Christ/

  • 5 pages
  • Digital PDF

TOBET’s Parent Guides are to be used in conjunction with each of The Body Matters Lesson Books, levels Pre-K–8. Each guide offers parents a basic overview of the content their children will learn through The Body Matters program. The guides also suggest many practical family conversation starters and activities.


TOBET is pleased to announce the release of our new Parent Guides which are to be used in conjunction with each of our lesson books for the Pre-K—Level 8 program known as The Body Matters. To be used for family catechesis or in conjunction with Faith Formation and/or Catholic schools or homeschool, these guides will equip parents in discussing various topics with their children.

The Parent Guides spell out the three objectives and central goal of each lesson so that parents are confident regarding the content of the book. Furthermore, they encourage parents to share their own fun, interesting stories with their children to enhance connection and encourage regular discussion. Each Parent Guide also includes suggested topics to facilitate dialogue with their children. Finally, it offers fun activities or recommended prayers that parents can present to their children (from pre-school to middle school).

These easy to download digital .pdfs are brief, only a few pages, so they’re easy to use for even the busiest parent. For parents who would like to go into more details regarding The Body Matters lesson books, TOBET’s robust Educator Guides serve that purpose very well.

Especially during this moment in history, whereby challenges are made to the child’s very identity regarding gender, The Body Matters books, along with Parent Guides, are of the upmost significance. For more information, click here.


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