Level 3 Home Instruction Set


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Level 3 Home Instruction Set includes all of the essential materials for teaching The Body Matters, Level 3 from home. Level 3 Home Instruction Set Includes:

The Home Instruction Set includes the Lesson Books, Parent Guide, and Educator Guides that serve as the comprehensive teaching resources for Level 3.

Especially today, when children are being presented with false notions of the body, identity, and gender, The Body Matters program, along with its Parent Guides, is a helpful tool to help navigate important concepts in an easy-to-understand, age-appropriate way. For more information on the The Body Matters, click here.

TOBET’s Parent Guides are to be used in conjunction with each of The Body Matters Lesson Books, levels Pre-K– 8. 

Each guide offers parents a basic overview of the content their children will learn through The Body Matters program. The guides also suggest many practical family conversation starters and activities.

Finally, TOBET’s Educator Guides. (link to the Educator Guide store category page) are the essential comprehensive resource for teaching The Body Matters Lesson Books, providing extensive guidance for teaching each lesson successfully.


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