A special blog by Monica Ashour, honoring Pope Benedict XVI’s death and thus his entrance into eternal life.

When my friend and colleague, Sheryl Collmer, texted me this morning, “Rest in eternal joy, dear Benedict,” I smiled and said, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” I then thanked our Heavenly Father, asked Jesus to receive him, and then I spoke aloud, telling Pope Benedict himself that I took some of his amazing words and ideas and “translated” them into diagrams for children so they could learn about Jesus, the Church, and especially the Liturgy. Here’s one of them from The Body Matters, Level 7, Book 1: Our Bodies Made Male and Female (notice the footnote attributed to him):

On June 24th, 2022 Roe V Wade was officially overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States.

We at TOBET mourn, and yet rejoice, in Pope Benedict XVI’s passing beyond the Veil between time and eternity, the natural and supernatural. I picture him laughing with and speaking to his parents, von Balthasar, not to mention Jesus, Mary, and his namesake, Joseph. And, I see him asking St. John Paul if he did a good job of continuing his (JPII’s) pontificate, a goal that Pope Benedict had expressed. I have a feeling that JPII, along with Jesus, greeted him, saying, “Yes, you did! Well done, good and faithful servant. Welcome HOME!”

Monica Ashour, MTS; MHum is President, Author, International Speaker, and Content Creation Director at Theology of the Body Evangelization Team, Inc. (TOBET)

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