Marriage Preparation Program

Approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the Theology of the Body Marriage Preparation Program is a flexible, holistic program which covers practical, down-to-earth topics in order to form couples to live healthy, holy marriages. Some of them include:

  • Communication and Safe Dialogue
  • Family of Origin
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Finances
  • Family Planning

But, TOBET4ENGAGED goes deeper. It examines all these practical topics precisely through the lens of St. John Paul’s Theology of the Body. Couples develop familiarity with TOB themes and deepen their understanding of the “whys behind the whats” of the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage and sexuality. Some common TOB themes include:

  • The “Spousal” Meaning of the Human Body
  • Masculinity & Femininity: Archetypes, Not Stereotypes
  • The Sacramental Vision of Marriage
  • Marital Love as a Person-to-Person Encounter

And more!

TOBET4ENGAGED Program Elements

The foundation of our program, with 80 pages of diagrams, stories and thought-provoking questions, TOBET’s Theology of the Body Marriage Preparation book helps engaged couples dive into Theology of the Body as it applies to married living!

  • Clear, solid Catholic teaching: Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur
  • Includes helpful visual diagrams which correspond to Facilitator Resources (see other tabs)
  • Available in English, Spanish, & Vietnamese

Also see T4E’s corresponding journal containing discussion questions: Great for individual use, and helpful in facilitating couple dialogue!

Click the image for a preview of our marriage preparation book.


Couples see the message as well as hear it from you!

  • Electronic visual aids to assist couples (and you!) in following along
  • Diagrams on slides correspond to concepts in the marriage preparation book
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Included in your purchase of the Facilitator Resources

Click the image for a preview of our presentation slides.

T4E’s Facilitator Guide and Resources include everything you need to present the program – regardless of your level of theological or ministry training.

The T4E Facilitator Guide is a digital E-book, which corresponds page by page to the marriage preparation book, breaks down the content into principles for presenters and facilitators to highlight – it empowers you to truly form your engaged couples!

Preview the T4E Facilitator Guide

The Facilitator Resources (package) includes:

  • (Mailed) DVD of training/presentation videos
  • Digital download of Resource files
  • Rights to distribute all materials to facilitators in your parish/diocese
  • ONE-TIME cost, not a subscription!

Resource files include:

  • Content of the program: Facilitator’s Guide E-book and Presentation slides
  • Training videos (available in English)
  • Supplemental handouts/activity sheets for couples
  • Tips on Presenting
  • Blank Certificates of Completion: For couples AND for facilitator training!
  • And more!



This book is a real contribution to the need for truly useful marriage preparation materials based on the Theology of the Body. Janet E. Smith, Ph.D.

Father Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Ethics, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, Michigan

Thank you guys so much for new understandings on so many things. This class I believe has brought us closer to each other and to the Lord. Groom-To-Be

Thank you so very much! I appreciate this course and I plan on recommending it to Catholics AND non-Catholics. Bride-To-Be

Compelling for all engaged couples, no matter where they are on their faith journey. Anonymous

The TOBET facilitator really knew how to reach the average engaged couple. The Theology of the Body book, slideshow presentation, and Facilitator Guide set a firm foundation in understanding the truth of marriage, which is so needed nowadays. I highly recommend this program. Chris Vaughan

Director of Marriage and Family Life, Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth

It was very good! We will review the book and have more discussions at home. We intend to begin praying together as a result of this class and will implement the book’s other suggestions as well. Groom-To-Be

TOBET4ENGAGED Success: Survey Results in 2015-2016 in Texas

A More Complete Understanding of Marriage

96% said they had a better understanding of the Church’s teaching about marriage
  • 96% 96%

A Renewed Interest in an Active Faith

84% said they plan to be more active in their faith
  • 84% 84%

Interest in Natural Family Planning

62% said that they “wanted to” or were “unsure about” practicing NFP
  • 62% 62%

Love for Christ

92% said they made a deeper commitment to Christ as a result of the program
  • 92% 92%

Intention to Save Sex until Marriage

Of the 76% who were sexually active, 34% said they plan to abstain until marriage

  • Of those who were sexually active, 34% intend to abstain until marriage after this program 34% 34%

Positive Response

88% found the program “helpful” or “very helpful”
  • 88% 88%