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This seminar was powerful! I have a deeper understanding of the faith, of the sacraments, and of the body…It was transforming for me. I am grateful!

Teacher, Lincoln NE

TOBET’s Educator Seminar – 2017 Recap

Approximately 20 educators joined TOBET staff at the Nazareth Retreat Center in Grand Prairie, TX at the beginning of June. For three long days, we dove deep into St. John Paul’s Theology of the Body, with rich insights and unique perspective from our very own Monica Ashour! After becoming (somewhat) comfortable with St. John Paul’s main ideas, we heard from other guest speakers: professionals in the areas of education and ministry who taught us about infusing our apostolic work with TOB ideas and principles. What a week it was!

Besides coming to more deeply know and reflect on this Theology of the Body, seminar attendees (and staff!) did some “contemplation in action,” as St. Ignatius of Loyola would call it.  We discussed at length: how does this message impact our ministry and work? How can we better form our children, our students and their families?  How do we respond to the negative messages in society about the body and the dignity (or lack thereof) of the human person?

Our audience was a deep and thoughtful one; they had many wise insights. Many of them said they left the seminar with a deeper love for their faith and a greater sense of mission in their lives! May God be praised!

20 Educators Ready to Change the Culture!

An amazing and eye-opening experience. I feel better equipped to share this information with teens and their families. Thank you!

Youth Minister

Dallas, TX

My experience of this seminar has been very beneficial. It has given me…a new way to approach this topic with my students.

Middle School Teacher

Dallas, TX

"This seminar has helped me professionally as an educator" (On a scale from 1-5)

"I grew personally from this seminar"

"I would recommend TOBET seminars to others"

The Theology of the Body is so essential for our world today, and TOBET is doing an amazing job getting this message across in a way that can be grasped by anyone of any age. I learned a lot from this seminar!


Fort Worth, TX