TOBET once again takes part in North Texas Giving Day!

North Texas Giving Day is the largest online giving event in the US. Nonprofits based in North Texas post a public profile on NTGD’s website, hosted by the Communities Foundation of Texas; and during the annual 18-hour giving extravaganza, donations are tracked and funneled to these nonprofits from all over the world!

And that’s not all: the CFT also awards “bonus funds”,  with the amount given based on how much the nonprofits raise on Giving Day. This means that the more money raised by nonprofits ON North Texas Giving Day, the more donations to the nonprofits are multiplied!


TOBET and Giving Day

This year, on September 14, 2017 between 6am and midnight, TOBET hopes to raise $50,000! And just by being part of Giving Day, TOBET is eligible to have that amount multiplied even more through bonus funds!

The amount raised will further development of TOBET’s The Body Matters children’s curriculum – writing, illustration, design and production costs, as well as marketing initiatives to spread the word.

Thanks to North Texas Giving Day, an age-appropriate, holistic children’s curriculum based on St. John Paul’s life-giving teaching will soon be available!
And YOU can help us make that happen through this unique giving opportunity!

Get Up & GIVE!

1. Go online to
2. Search “TOBET” and make a donation
3. Spread the word on social media, using the hashtags #NTxGivingDay and #GiftofSelf!

Join us on September 14, 2017!