Youth Ministers


Youth Ministers

Basic, intermediate and advanced levels for both Middle School and High School youth ministers

Level I   Monica Ashour’s workshop on the fundamentals of the theology of the body.

Level II   The truth and meaning of human sexuality, especially in marriage and celibacy for the kingdom with practical concrete steps for youth ministers. Guidelines regarding dating are also covered, including what is “too far.”

Level III   As modeled by Pope Francis, this workshop gives youth ministers the pastoral tools to cover important sensitive topics such as pornography, cohabitation, abortion, contraception, fornication, gender identity, homosexuality, in vitro fertilization, and sterilization. Students will see that every single teaching of the Catholic Church is about love. Youth ministers will be equipped with the do’s and don’ts to reach youth in a loving, sensitive manner.

“After Monica Ashour came to train me and other youth ministers in the area, I felt much better equipped to serve our youth. The TOBET vision of the Theology of the Body is refreshing. I highly recommend TOBET4EDUCATORS.”

— Justin Stroh, Director of Formation, Faribault, Minnesota

Note to Middle School Youth Ministers

For vertical teaming (setting the foundation upon which the high school youth group builds), it is important to know what high school students will be taught. Hence, the tween leader will see his/her the importance of the basic curriculum. Addressing the most basic fundamentals of TOB for all humans, followed by masculinity and femininity, culminating in how to live the virtue of chastity, this workshop is sure to help leaders of those at this sensitive age. Other topics addressed include bullying, social networking, relationship with parents, along with vocational discernment.

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