Marriage and Family Life Directors


Marriage and Family Life Directors


This daylong workshop for sponsor couples, marriage facilitators, Pre-Cana leaders, fertility practitioners, deacons, and family life ministers trains them in how to use TOBET4ENGAGED power point, book, and facilitator’s manual.

Fertility Awareness and TOB Workshop

A Fertility Awareness Practitioner and TOBET Speaker leads this workshop geared toward those who teach NFP so that they are systematically trained in the “‘why’s’ behind the ‘what’s’” of the Church’s prohibition against artificial birth control, as well as the breathtaking vision of the truth behind sacrificial love in marriage.

“The TOBET couples who lead the daylong Pre-Cana really know how to reach the average engaged couple. The TOBET4ENGAGED book, power point, and accompanying facilitator’s guide set a firm foundation in understanding the truth of marriage, so needed nowadays. I highly recommend this program.”

— Chris Vaughan, Director of Marriage and Family Life, Ft. Worth Diocese

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