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Blog Archive

A Woman of Valor

The blog explores the Jewish concept of a “woman of valor,” as depicted in Proverbs 31, celebrating her virtues and pivotal role both as a partner and in society, challenging common translations and perceptions.

God’s Will For My Body

This blog explores finding God’s will through personal struggles and gifts, using a mix of personal experiences and references to Tolkien’s characters to illustrate that our bodies and time are God-given resources meant for fulfilling our divine purpose.

Their Voice Goes Out Into All the Earth

The blog explores the profound symbolism in nature and human bodies as highlighted in biblical and theological contexts by figures like JRR Tolkien and Pope John Paul II. It illustrates how creation reflects God’s glory and how our bodies manifest spiritual truths and divine love.

Penance Hard, Rejoice Harder

The blog emphasizes the importance of joy as a lifestyle for Catholics, particularly during the Easter season and everyday life. It explains that incorporating joy naturally aligns with scriptural teachings and our innate sensory experiences, urging readers to actively seek and cherish joyful moments daily.

Connected to Christ’s Resurrected Body

One of the beautiful things about Catholicism is the Sacraments. When we receive the Sacraments, we recognize through visible signs that a spiritual reality is being effected in us. Most of us know that the sacraments provide a unique kind of grace. Through baptism,...

Beggars Before God

“The greatest sinner is the one who has the greatest right to my mercy.” Jesus said these words to Saint Faustina in her famous diary. The greatest sinner is the one to whom Jesus’ Heart is most opened. The thief on the cross. Those who mocked Jesus. It was to these...

Lent: A Time for Spiritual or Incarnational Renewal?

Pope Benedict, in continuity with Pope St. John Paul’s Theology of the Body (TOB), speaks of three main aspects of the human person: communal, historical, and bodily. Does this mean that these two great popes don’t believe in the spiritual dimension of the person? Of...

Victims of Love

So, Lent is here. Which means that many of us have prepped 50+ impossible commitments because we want to be holy. After all, Lent is about sacrifice. And sacrifice makes us more like Jesus. Which in turn makes us holy and helps us save souls. But is making so many...

The Language of Jesus’ Tiny Body

Have you ever wondered why God became a baby? He could have become incarnate with a body as an adult. But why did He need to be a baby? It was certainly for many reasons. A major reason why God wanted to become incarnate as a baby was because He wanted to communicate...

Joy is Contagious

So, we all know scripture is pro-life. There are many verses from the Old Testament especially about the life in the womb. And while Jesus never says anything about the child in the womb, Jesus’ life and his very body proclaim the wonder of life in the womb. In...

The Eucharist Means “Thanksgiving”

Most Catholics know that the word Eucharist means “Thanksgiving.” But have we ever asked ourselves why it’s called that? After I really took this question seriously, I discovered even more deeply the profundity of the Eucharist especially, in light of how the early...

The Mind-Body Impact of Gratitude

Since the late 90's, Dr. Robert A Emmons, a psychologist and professor at the University of California, has been one of the world's leading experts on the study of gratitude and its effects on the human experience. In his many studies, he found that gratitude not only...