We’ve been blessed to work with many people from all over the country in sharing the Theology of the Body!

“…TOBET in making this message known is tremendously important…”

“Young people have grown up in a culture that has worked hard to sell them on the idea that sex is supposed to be safe and fun and free for everyone. You can imagine then how important I believe it was to make sure that they hear the truth about sex: that it is a sacred gift from God, a divine energy in man and a source of blessing in marriage.

That is why I am a fan and a benefactor of Monica Ashour and TOBET, the Theology of the Body Evangelization Team. The theology of the body of Pope John Paul II is the cure for the ambivalence that surrounds sexuality in our culture and the work of TOBET in making this message known is tremendously important to healing that ambivalence in our society.”

Most Rev. David A. Konderla

Bishop of Tulsa, formerly pastor of St. Mary's at Texas A&M University

“What a delight… more memorable.”

“What a delight your [Marriage Preparation] book is! If a picture is worth 1,000 words, your 100 or so pictures are worth 100,000 words. And they’re much more memorable.”

Peter Kreeft

Renowned Catholic Speaker and Author, Professor of Philosophy , Boston College

“…persuasive, content-filled witness…”

“Each one of the presenters shared a persuasive, content-filled witness regarding the TOB, and did so in a manner and with a sincerity and authenticity that commanded the attention, respect, and the deeper reflection of our students.

May our good Lord enable all the seeds that were planted [yesterday] in the hearts of our students to take root, grow, and bear manifold fruit in their lives.  And, may He continue to bless TOBET’s efforts to get this wonderful word out to as many young people as possible.”

Rev. Paul McCormick, O. Cist.

Headmaster, Cistercian Preparatory School

“…thanks to [TOBET], my entire life-style has changed…”

“You explained this to us in a way that we could understand and grasp [Theology of the Body]. You didn’t just take this topic and give a seven hour lecture on it. You came up with fun activities and amazing stories to help us understand…. This was the best retreat I have attended and I will always remember it….thanks to you, my entire life-style has changed.”

8th grade boy

retreat attendee

“…authentic in its articulation of the Theology of the Body…”

“The Theology of the Body Evangelization Team is an admirable effort to make this aspect of our Faith accessible to more people throughout our country. TOBET is authentic in its articulation of the Theology of the Body as well as the teaching of our Church in general. I recommend making use of TOBET’s resources in various ways—especially its helpful website.”

Most Rev. Daniel M. Buechlein, OSB

Former Archbishop of Indianapolis

“…filled with insight, compassion, lively humor and examples.”

“[Monica Ashour’s] presentations are filled with insight, compassion, lively humor and practical examples. Coming away from [the weekend], I was filled with thanksgiving to our God and His Church for leading us deeper into Truth and to be more mindful of the need to be a joyful Christian witness in this world.”


Director of Marriage and Family Life, Parish in IN

“I have started to pray for my future husband…”

“I enjoyed the Theology of the Body talks. I was very inspired by your stories. I really started to think more seriously about my role as a woman…. I have really taken the Purity Contract seriously. It really struck me and I want to never break it. I have started to pray for my future husband to be all that you described men should. Thank you for telling the boys whatever you did (Girls retreat was Monday; boys on Tuesday) because it has worked. They treat us ladies with more respect now. Thank you so much.”

8th grade girl

retreat attendee

“…a clarion call to all of us, a beacon of light in these dark times…”

“I know Monica personally and believe that her work with TOBET will continue to be a way to bring about a message of hope and healing in this Culture of Death. The late Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, gave us the Theology o/the Body, which I heard personally while I was in the seminary in Rome in the early 80’s…. These teachings get to the root of what it means to be a person, made in God’s image and likeness, a clarion call to all of us, a beacon of light in these dark times, an invitation to deeper conversion.

This monumental work will undoubtedly revolutionize our Church, and it is groups like TOBET which are helping to move this message forward.”

Most Rev. Kevin W. Vann

Bishop of Orange County, CA

“…emphasis of parental involvement…”

“The emphasis of parental involvement in The Body Matters was a deciding factor in our choice to adopt it over other TOB-based programs.”
Sr. Maria Christi Nelson, OP

Principal of St. Jude Catholic School, Peoria, IL

“TOBET aims to equip people to be ambassadors…”

“Through its talks, study groups and programs, TOBET aims to equip people to be ambassadors of this great news: that the human body has a purpose in God’s plan and has great dignity. This is the message of the Incarnation, when the Word was made flesh. Truly, Jesus Christ, in becoming man, has shown us what dignity with which he considers the human person.

I encourage you to prayerfully consider your support for the Theology of the Body Evangelization Team (TOBET). This ministry is close to my heart and one which I believe will help move our country back towards a culture of life.”

Rev. Jason B. Cargo

Spiritual Advisor, TOBET; Pastor, St. Joseph parish in Richardson, TX

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