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Our Mission

TOBET provides original educational resources, presenting the truth of God’s design of the body to children, youth, and families, so that all will be transformed by Saint John Paul’s life-affirming message of the Theology of the Body.

In union with and in service of the Blessed Trinity and the Catholic Church, TOBET seeks to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, spread hope, and, by word and example, draw all people into the Communion of Persons of the Blessed Trinity by instructing others about Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body for the renewal and sanctification of the family, the Church, and the rest of society.

Episcopal Advisory Board

Most Reverend Samuel Aquila
Archbishop of Denver
Most Reverend Edward Burns
Bishop of Dallas
Most Reverend David Konderla
Bishop of Tulsa
Most Reverend Mark Seitz
Bishop of El Paso
Most Reverend Michael Sis
Bishop of San Angelo
Most Reverend Joseph Strickland
Most Reverend Kevin Vann
Bishop of Orange, CA

Spiritual Advisor

Rev. James Yamauchi

Executive Advisory Board

Suzanne Baars, PhD; LPC
Catholic Psychotherapy Association
The Late Louise Cowan, PhD
Founder, Great Books Program, University of Dallas
Lamar Hunt, Jr.
Owner, Kansas City Chiefs
Fr. Roger Landry
Vatican Rep. to the United Nations
Michael Waldstein, PhD
Definitive Translator of The Theology of the Body
Donald Wetzel
Creator of the ATM

Our Story

TOBET was founded in 2001 by a grassroots group of people to promulgate St. John Paul’s message of hope and healing to a world in need. The founders were educators and parents who recognized a calling to spread the Theology of the Body to people of all ages in a holistic way.

The need for this life-giving message is evident in the regular calls and emails we receive from people who live in a culture which distorts the proper view of sexuality and identity. This distorted view rests on what St. John Paul diagnosed as “detachment” from the truth and meaning of the human body. Detachment is a mindset which devalues the human body and thus, the dignity and identity of the human person.

St. John Paul anticipated much of this crisis of identity and detachment in his writing and through Theology of the Body gives a wondrous view of the meaning of our existence, which is to love and be loved. This reality, he says, is made visible in our human bodies. TOBET “translates” this philosophically dense, theological reflection so that families and people of all ages can access this life-affirming teaching.