“Behold, I am doing a new thing…” (Isaiah 43:19)

Somewhere along the way of the Christian life—somewhere amid all of the Masses, the Rosaries, the novenas, and the Confessions—anyone pursuing a life of Christian virtue very often ends up in a rut.

The experience of finding oneself in a spiritual rut is unique to each person, of course, but often it happens when we forget to remember the promises of God. For those of us who profess faith in God, it can be surprisingly easy to forget our Father’s promises. Or, perhaps worse, to dilute them into something manageable, something predictable, something we can plan for and around.

It can be very tempting to hear the promises of God and to think “I know what that means.” “I know how God works.” “I know He has promised goodness, and salvation, and joy… but it will not change my life today in any substantial way.”

How often have I read or heard about miracles and thought, even unconsciously, “God would not do that for me.”? How often have I glossed over Scripture passages—not because I doubt that God worked wonders in the past, but because I doubt that He still works wonders today?

So what are we left with when it seems God is distant? We have Jesus Christ! As St. John Paul puts it in TOB: “…Through Christ the mystery of divine Love is revealed…. In this way, the men and women who accept through faith the gift offered to them in Christ really become sharers in the eternal mystery, although it is at work in them under the veils of faith.” (TOB 94:5). 

Thus,  we  must come to see the newness of Love that breaks into our lives every day—that wild good news of His love, and the tender care of our devoted Heavenly Father. We ought to renew our attentiveness to the small yet profound displays of love that are offered everyday.

Do we realize that a colleague’s gift of coffee is a sign of His love? Do we recognize that the smile of a child is a display of God’s eternal love and desire for each of us? When we watch a radiantly beautiful sunrise, do we see in it the reminder of the Resurrection which brings us power–the power of love? 

Through faith, we know that God speaks only truth, He is all-loving, and He is faithful. Let Him surprise you, and may we pray, rejoicing:

Blessed art thou, because thou hast made me glad.
It has not happened to me as I expected;
but thou hast treated us according to thy great mercy.
(Tobit 8:16)

Emily Archer is the donor relations manager for TOBET. She enjoys reading, writing, and planning for her future as the grandmotherly owner of a bed and breakfast in the Irish countryside.
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